8 Tips for Following and Preserving the Nature Trails

Many people like to go outdoors, and hiking or trekking or simply following a nature trail in a forest or in a park can seem like a good activity for a day of the week-end, especially after a long week of work. However, not everyone knows what to do and what not to do when it comes to taking a day off outdoors or preserving the nature trails.

kapa-kapa-trailBecause there are enough people who forget that the surrounding environment is the one that sustains everyone’s life, here is a list of 10 tips, or better said – some advice – that you need to remember wherever you go in the nature – natural parks, seaside, lakes, forests, mountains, you name it.

Using Sunscreen

It’s not necessarily a tip for protecting the nature trail, but it’s definitely something useful for protecting yourself. Wondering why? The answer is very easy – using sunscreen will definitely help you have a good time, avoiding sunburns and heat-stroke, as these can be very dangerous and it can make you even lose the trail that you’re following.

Using sunscreen is not just for when you go at the beach, because even in a forest or on the mountain the sun can still cause you problems, and you always need to be prepared.

Enough Energy

Whenever you follow a nature trail, it’s important to have enough energy to be able to finish it safe and secure. For this, you’re going to need to make sure that you have something to eat while you’re outside, and a trail mix is the best choice when it comes to it. You certainly know that a trail mix is something that every biker has for “emergency situations” when it comes to energy, but those that can be found on the market are not always recommended.

This is because the level of salt and sugar is not adequate for following a nature trail an entire day, and you can discover that they are not helpful at all. Instead of buying something from the super-market, you can try and make your own trail mix, as it can be very easy.

All you have to do is combine some natural ingredients, like cashews, almonds and pistachios – raw nuts which are high in proteins, along with some goji berries, dried cherries, dates or blueberries, as all these can add up to the sugar level and the sweetness that everyone is looking for. If you’re looking for something more special, add some raw cacao nibs, which is a great way to include some chocolate in the whole mix.


Make sure you carry some water with you when you choose a longer nature trail. Actually, it doesn’t matter how long the trail is, because you still need water for this road. Finishing a nature trail is something like a strong workout for many people, because many are having a sedentary lifestyle, and doing this can prove to be quite a challenge. If you have enough water with you, you won’t be tempted to go out the trail in search for a source of water – this way your chances of getting lost will decrease exponentially.

Fire, Light and a Whistle

Even if starting a fire can be forbidden on most of the nature trails, you will still need these items for protection and for making sure that you stay safe. It’s a good way to making sure that you will have the necessary warmth and that you will be seen in case something goes wrong and there is an emergency. It’s easier to spot smoke from a bigger distance than to yell for someone to help you out. A light is also necessary in case it gets dark and you’re still on the trail.

Apart from this, the whistle is a “must-have” item whenever you go on a nature trail, because you can e stuck in a certain situation and if the rescuers can’t see you, they might as well hear you if you have a whistle that you can use.

Don’t Smoke

Even if you are a smoker, it’s advisable to try not to smoke on the nature trails. This is because you can pay less attention to where you put out the cigar, and it can end up in a fire. If you still want to smoke, make sure you have a small jar filled with water, and you can stop along the way and smoke, but make sure the use the jar as an ashtray – this will prevent anything from catching fire.

Use Just the Trails

Don’t go wondering outside the trails. The trails are signalized especially so thatMiddle_Hill_and_Green's_Lodge_Nature_Trails people could be able to follow them without getting lost, so make sure you use just the trails. The rest of the area can be dangerous or can contain passages that you won’t be able to cross. It’s better to take a longer way and stay safe than to use a so-called shortcut and get lost.

No Hunting

The wildlife in any area is protected, so don’t go on a nature trail considering that it’s OK to bring a gun and start shooting whatever animal comes your way. Hunting is forbidden in any area, not just because there are also people using those trails, but mainly because animals should be protected.

If you’d like to hunt something, there are specially arranged areas where you can use your skills for this. It’s not advisable, but those who are looking for that thrill can definitely find something on their liking.

All Pictures, No Traces

You know that it’s wonderful to have a beautiful picture with the landscape that you’ve seen and the places where you have been, but it would be a pity to leave behind packs and plastic bottles. When you use a nature trail, make sure you leave nothing behind, not even a small piece of paper. The natural environment needs to be protected, and if you leave something, it can create a certain imbalance. No matter if you think that everything will perish at one point, just remember that plastic takes about 100 years until it decomposes.

What to Do when You Follow the Nature Trails

Not everyone is a nature-person, but every once in a while, almost everyone goes to a picnic in the nature, to swim in a lake, to trek in a forest or simply go for a walk in the park. There are also people who follow the nature trails from the mountains or from the forests, and those reallyScreen Shot 2016-05-01 at 1.18.11 PM know how important nature is for everyone and what to do to protect those trails.

However, for those who don’t do this as often as they should, there are some things they need to know before venturing into the so called wilderness, because it’s important to protect not just the nature trails that people are using, but also for taking care of the environment.

As many of you know, preserving the nature is something that many people are considering, because the nature is the one that offers us the oxygen that we need and because everyone needs a cleaner environment.

Here are some tips and tricks for preserving the nature trails, along with the rest of the nature – wherever you go, you can apply these things.

No Plastic

It’s important to remember that you need to leave the area exactly how you have found it. This means that wherever you go, you need to make sure that you don’t leave anything behind. This goes for plastic bottles and everything else that can be considered garbage – cans, different packs and everything else that you might be tempted to throw away.

As you certainly realize, if it was easy enough to carry them all along that trail, it will be even easier to take back the packs and the empty bottles with you. The plastic is dangerous for the nature because it takes hundreds of years before it decomposes and can be absorbed by nature.


No Fire

Starting a fire is not only dangerous but also not recommended outdoors, especially in areas that are protected and shouldn’t be touched by fire. Many times, whole forests have burned down because someone has started a fire and hasn’t taken care of it. This is one of the reasons why rangers advise people not to start fires on nature trails or in areas that are not properly arranged for this.

Don’t Camp

It’s not something that shouldn’t be done actually, but it’s better said that is should be done only in specially arranged areas. Everywhere along the trails there are special places where people can camp and where they can make fires. This is because people shouldn’t disturb the natural balance that the nature has, and camping wherever you want can damage the natural circuit.

In a camp, there are special places where you can throw the garbage and anything else that you don’t need, and the fires can be easily controlled. It’s also a place where other people are nearby, and there are less chances of encountering wild animals, which could prove to be dangerous for you.

No Leftovers

Another thing that is important to remember is that you don’t need to leave the leftovers for the wild animals. This is because they could get used to this kind of food, and sooner or later they could go near the cities or the residential areas in search of that kind of food. Not only this is dangerous, but it is also unadvisable because it can also disturb the natural balance.

Each animal has its own type of preferred food, and if you insert something into their diet, you could unwillingly teach them to eat something else.

In the end, you need to remember that keeping the nature trails clean is the most important thing that you could do.